Latest News – August 15, 2015

  1. ICOCOE 2016 – Somewhere in August 2016
  2. ICOCOE 2015 Springer Publication (To Be Announced):


Latest News – July 15, 2015

Editors agreement with Publisher has been signed for Book Publishing with a title

Advanced Computer and Communication Engineering Technology: Proceedings of

Next Phase – Book Draft (3 – 6 months)

Author will be contacted within this period to check, re-check, reconfirm, etc based on Springer requirement

Latest News – July 5, 2015

1. All papers has been sent to Springer after several adjustment in formatting, template, etc – page by page by our committees. A total of 113 articles has been accepted by Springer while others has been rejected and sent to ARPN Journal. All authors of 113 articles soon will be contacted by Springer itself.
Reason for rejected:
– Similarity to high
– Poor paper quality based on Springer expert and our International Advisory Panels.

2. Expected all papers to be set into Publication 3 – 7 months from July 2015. From our experiences, it will get earlier that we expected. But we always prepare for the worst case (3 – 7 months).

3. Please do not worry as we will notify via EDAS if the Publisher has already published all papers. This conference and also email is always active and feel free to contact us.

4. Be sure to visit for a lot more interesting conferences at the interesting places.


“Smart City Technology in Communication and Computer Engineering”

Tentative Schedule




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